Social Media Marketing

To be an efficient social media marketer, I have to be organized, knowledgable and flexible. Social media platforms are always changing and if you are not researching trends consistently, you will be left behind. I manage the entire social media presence for corporate and CEO channels which includes posting and sharing blog articles, responding to inquires, designing cover images, promoting trade show booths during the event and creating online photo albums.

Current Business Accounts:

Facebook / Instagram

On a personal level, I manage Instagram accounts for my female motorcycle group in Nashville, TN and my dog:

Belladonnas Nashville

Hank the WeilerDane

Below are examples of the social media campaign for the 2016 launch of new product:

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During this social media campaign, I redesigned all social media profile cover images, produced and edited video content, distributed all announcements across all platforms and managed correspondence with leads. Our goal was to increase awareness of our new product by saturating our social media followers and their network.

Also, our marketing team managed a series of sponsorships including:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Facebook Dark Posts
  • Facebook Video Ad Campaign
  • Google AdWords Search Campaign
  • Google Remarketing
  • Google AdWords Video Campaign

All of these campaigns were specifically targeted to our unique demographic and monitored daily.


Social Media Marketing